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7 Top Rated Disc Jockeys of 2017

We all know them, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Hardwell and Martin Garrix – the same names springs to mind when disc jockeys are mentioned owing to their outstanding performances on the wheels of steel leading of course to concert sell-outs, certified platinum record sales and fat bank accounts. We want to try something different from the conventional ways of finding out the most famous DJs, so without much argument, with the number of online look-ups and respective fame on social media, we give the top 7 rated Disc Jockeys.


Thirty years after bursting into the limelight, Tijs Michiel Verwest now merges his longstanding style with an appealing flair for pop that has kept his fan base stronger with an influx of newbies. Picking up an impressive $22m in 2014, Tiesto was top of the Forbes list for highest earning DJs.