Best Equipment for an Aspiring DJ

It might interest you to know that there are no academic requirements to be a DJ nevertheless it comes with certain virtues which you must possess to be able to achieve success as a DJ. Flair for music, tenacity, perseverance and undying enthusiasm are amongst others the most important requisites for an aspiring DJ. Similarly, the Equipment used by a rookie DJ to make music is as indispensable as the aforementioned requirements.

The Equipment used by a DJ determines the quality of music he or she makes. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the higher the quality of the equipment the better the sound it produces and of course the worse the DJ becomes. This implies that to become successful as a DJ you must have in-depth knowledge about this equipment which goes without saying that the DJ is as good as his equipment. That being said, which equipment would best suit the status of an upcoming Disc Jockey? we have taken time to list some of them below.

DJ Mixers

This is the most utilized tool by a DJ, of which anyone who wishes to make a name in the industry should have knowledge of. Despite the use of software-based controllers by present DJs, some others still enjoy the added conventional work surfaces and connectivity that comes with DJ mixers. Considering the mixer-like capabilities presently offered by the controller/interfaces, mixers have become more compatible than ever with the DJ software. The most recent breed of higher level mixers makes use of the major DJ programmes. The major differences between DJ mixers are a number of effects, the quality of inputs/outputs and channels they offer. A two or three channel basic mixer with adequate inputs for your turntables and/or media players will do for an aspiring DJ.

Serato DJ

The main aim of using a Serato DJ is to render a wholesome, single-box solution that encompasses all the facets of your DJ performance. It gives the visual ability to reshape your sounds on the spin with the coloured waveforms that indicates the EQ settings. It also gives you the ability to view your streamlined workflows. The Flip and DVS expansion packs enhances your ability to trigger samples build beats and apply effects including the impressive beat editing and building functions of the flip and of course the premium quality vinyl-based mixing the DVS expansion pack offers. Also, helpful to a beginner DJ is that a MIDI panel normally mirrors your mapping workflows.

Serato DJ showcases the Serato Scratch Live Heritage with its numerous features drawn from the vinyl emulated program. Serato decided to roll scratch features up into newly expanded DJ/DVS platform in the process making everything retrogressive-compatible, enabling old Scratch songs and libraries to be read automatically. Serato is equipped with professional controllers.

Serato DJ Intro

This Serato software is actually suitable for a greenhorn in the industry as it offers features which are DJ friendly, to say the least. It allows 4-deck mixing, syncing, looping and cueing. It also features a 4-slot sample player in which sounds like foghorns can be stored and used for big mid-show drops. The free downloaded app can enhance your development as a newcomer DJ after which you can upgrade to more sophisticated Serato software and a full-fledged controller as you advance.

DJ Headphones

Comfort should be the first thing which comes to mind when getting the most fundamental equipment used by a DJ. Headphones are worn for hours, so to avoid head and ear aches which come with a troublesome pair, one should try and get a comfortable pair of headphones. Considering the fact that you would want to bend and twist them flexibility should be another essential thing that comes up when getting a headphone. It should be able to allow comfortable and stress-free listening on one ear as this would be done regularly when cueing the next song. Noise isolation ability of a headphone is as important to the DJ as the sound he produces as this interferes with his/her comfort. Headphones with good noise isolation ability reduce the rate at which you raise the volumes and damage your ears. So, a newbie DJ would want to get a headphone with good noise isolation ability.

One fact that can be argued is the DJ is as good as his equipment. And with constant practice of this equipment with knowledge of their rudiments a Newbie DJ, today could usurp David Guetta on the list of greatest DJs.

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