Best Radio Stations for EDM

EDM is now one of the most popular genres in the world and we see new artists appear every day. There are countless ways in which you can enjoy this amazing style of music but the best way of learning about up and coming artists is by listening to the radio. We all like to tune into radios on our way to work and enjoy our favorite stations or we may just want to put our headphones on and relax to the sounds of well-liked playlist during our commute. EDM has seen this opportunity and in order to give fans what they want, many new radio stations have been founded. But choosing the right one for you can be quite a challenge because there are so many of them. We have listed some of the best radio stations in order to bring your closer to your favorite music style.

Proton Radio

Proton radio is one of the oldest in this genre and we can say that it started airing EDM long before it was considered cool. The radio station was founded in 2001 and ever since has aired more than 100 original shows. The station functions day and night and you will be able to hear the latest and oldest EDM songs. The show also talks about the latest trends in the genre and they analyze the prominent festivals and tours. They like helping indie music producers and have the shows precisely for these new arrivals to get air time. The combination of news and music makes it the ideal station to listen to.

Eclectic Radio

This station has its base in the Netherlands. It is also an event manager and has quite a long and rich history. You will definitely hear the best EDM out there and you will also hear a European opinion on the genre’s trends and artists. They like to bring in new vibes and fresh talent whenever possible and going to one of their events would definitely be an amazing experience. This internet station is one of the most popular EDM spots in Europe at the moment. The fact that you can access it online most likely contributes considerably to its success.


Mugasha is one of those radio stations that loves to help out and support aspiring artists. This internet station gives you great EDM and also helps to refresh the electronic dance music scene. The show is fun and informative, and they also have specialized days and programs in which they air pieces by young and aspiring artists. If you are an EDM fan and you also like to make music yourself, this is the place to go.


Beatport started its journey in 2004 and ever since it has managed to become one the most popular music stations for this genre. The station made sure to always have the best artist line-up and to have interesting stories every day. Thanks to the fact that Beatport is mainly an internet station, it can be accessed all over the world, which definitely makes it one of the greatest examples of EDM radio.

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