Concerts You Must See in 2018

1. U2 (Dates: May 2 – June 29)

Last year, U2 revisited their influential long play (LP) released in 1987, The Joshua Tree; however, in 2018, they have shifted their focus back to the present. As a sequel to the Innocence + Experience tour of 2015, this year’s tour is billed to start on the 2nd of May in North America. Again, the paragons are set to wow their fans and lovers in the upcoming events, as the start of their 2018 concert is fast approaching. It is predicated to be one of the best!

2. Shania Twain (Dates: May 3 – Aug. 4)

About 3 years after this Canadian singer returned to touring, she will yet again mesmerize her admirers and followers all across the United States. However, this time, Shania Twain will not just revisit her seminal catalog; she will also include hits from her album, Now, released last year, which was presented with an A-review by Entertainment Weekly – though you would certainly hear popular songs like Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? And Man! I Feel Like a Woman.

3. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill (Dates: March 31 – July 22)

Representing this renowned couple’s third Soul2Soul world tour and their first in over 10 years, the 2017 trek was a huge boost to their popularity. In 2018, the superstars now seek to extend this run by using their captivating LED light wall (eighty-foot) for the delight of their audience. This technology will broadcast photos of the family that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have developed in their marriage, which is more than 20 years old.

4. Maroon 5 (Dates: May 30 – Oct. 15)

Makes Me Wonder! This Love! Sugar! Remember these popular hits of Maroon? In their concert billed to start on May 30, Adam Levine would dazzle you, along with hundreds of thousands of his fans, with his voice as he performs these songs and others on tour. Be sure that the band’s lead vocalist would still remember all the lyrics in Maroon 5’s selection of hits, even as far back as 2002’s Harder to Breathe.

5. Taylor Swift (Dates: May 8 – Oct. 6)

On May 8, Taylor Swift will start touring for the first time after her jaunt of 1989, which came to an end in 2015. The pop star lately included shows in her line-up; thus, she may add new dates. However, there is one issue that remains a mystery: How much of the old American singer cum songwriter should fans look forward to seeing in her concert? If Taylor Swift’s Jingle Ball performances are anything to go by, popular songs such as Old Taylor will be combined with the seminal material.

All of these concerts are bound to be amazing! And if you have been thinking about going to see one of your favorite artists play then you should most definitely start planning for it! Hopefully we gave you a few ideas for your next show, and we are sure it will be a great one!

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