Most Influential EDM Music Stars

For one to appear on an influential person list of any kind, they must have made a telling contribution to a particular field. This holds true for stars in the music business. Some of the personalities have shaped the music industry by paving the way for budding artists and churning out hit after hit through sheer dedication and talent. It’s through some the efforts of artists such as Daft Punk that electronic music gained acclamation in the mainstream media. It’s inconceivable where the electronic music scene would’ve reached had it not been for some of the personalities. To shed light on the most influential EDM music stars we’ve compiled a list of persons that in one way or another made a significant impact on the industry.

1. Daft Punk

Daft Punk comprises of French duo Guy-Manuel de Homen and Thomas Bangalter. The duo’s creation of innovative and captivating electronic music gained the attention of both fans and critics in equal measure. Boasting of numerous collaborations with leading personalities in the ilk of Kanye West – a mainstream artist – just to name one, Daft Punk are virtually the most successful electronic music duo by their album sales and international recognition. Daft Punk’s brand of house music quite popular in the French house scenery propelled them to stardom in the late 1990s. A Grammy Award best exhibits the magnitude of influence Daft Punk made on the electronic music scene.

2. Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk bust into the music industry in the ‘70s and no one would’ve imagined the heights the band reached in their trade. For a long time, Kraftwerk remained the go-to band in electronic music. The band’s style consists of a combination of powerful repetitive rhythms with captivating tunes created strictly by electronic instrumentation. Music personalities including David Bowie and Afrika Bambaataa drew inspiration to venture into music from the German band; proof of the considerable sway Kraftwerk have in the industry. In the early ‘70’s to the early ‘80’s, the unique sound of Kraftwerk proved popular, and it went on to influence other music genres ever since. Many a time musicians sample Kraftwerk’s well-ordered, highly systemized and great beats.

3. Aphex Twin

Widely celebrated in music circles; Richard David James boasts the title of the most ingenious and renowned individual in contemporary electronic music. Upon releasing his debut album titled “Selected Ambient” which garnered the little tank – as he’s also known – acclamation. Richard went on to release masterpieces such as the Last Releases; consequently garnering him the admiration and respect of fellow electronic performers. Richard’s style; somewhat controversial, centers on entertainment via bizarre videos. His works give off an aura of complexity and intensity. Without a doubt, Richard D James is an inspiration to aspiring artists as his unique talent can’t go unnoticed.

4. The Prodigy

Since the formation of The Prodigy in 1990 by Liam Howlett, this British electronic group has sold over 16 million records globally – a record in the history of dance and music. Prodigy’s style ranges from hardcore, industrial, rave, alternative rock, breakbeat and big beat, but still enthralls their global fan base.

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