Ozora Festival, the Best Psytrance Festival Ever – Part 1


In Hungary, there is a magic place called Ozora, a space with an amazing ancient history, almost as ancient as the Stone Age. The main idea of going to the Ozora Festival is to let go of routine problems, isolate from unpleasant materialistic influences and enjoy an entire weekend of happiness while dancing collectively to the rhythms of Psytrance, Dubstep, EDM, Techno and Other Electro-Wave influenced music. There is an amazing energy within Ozora that fans of the electronic music outdoor festivals, also known as “raves”, should definitely live at least once in their lives.

A reason to be in Ozora

Thousands of people, in 1999, gathered from all over the world to be part of the apocalyptic feeling of the total eclipse of the sun, while, at the same time, using the energy of sounds of Goa to improve their set and setting let go in the experience. This way, Ozora was reborn as the site of a solar eclipse festival. This way, the intention is to strengthen people’s union between each other, also, to elevate their spirits to a higher level, by getting involved in different kinds of dance styles or any other artistic practice, like bodypainting, singing, joggling and many other fun activities to recreate and have an unique experience, at the same time as the main music of the event never stops.

Include Budapest in your destinations

You must include Budapest, the Capital of Hungary, in your destinations, even more if you want to visit Europe for any reason. International Airlines such as KLM, EL AL, Lufthansa, Air France or also low cost such as British Airways, will take you to the Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Before planning it, do not forget to get tickets for the Ozora Festival, as this event is planned for August of each year. It takes only two hours from the Liszt Ferenc International Airport to the Ozora Festival, using a bus in the Line 200E, or use the Ozora’s private transport, which is also managed by Ozora Shuttle.

An experience from another world

Going to a disco or any other electronic music festival might be fun, but the memories of going to an Ozora Festival are unique. As people from all over the world did in 1999, they join  this spiritual party, full of increible emotions that you will always remember. In fact, Raja Ram in 2011 and also recent years, has been involved with the best energies to make this wonderful event take place. It is not age limited, as it has a plenty of areas for different assistants which are already parents and make the decision to go with their children. There are areas to see paintings, dance performances and joggler shows, capoeira dancers and fire stunts made by body painters.

Ozora is forever

As it happens with Tomorrowland, Sensation and Woodstrock, Ozora Festival is one of the most major events around the world. For those who like to live in love and peace and spread it with everybody, Ozora is the perfect event. It can sound like a marketing strategy to catch visitors, but just watch any photo of this amazing festival and you’ll immediately consider being part of it. In fact, Trax Magazine has called it the European pinnacle of the psytrance culture. Ozora is an opportunity to be with oneself and also to meet beautiful people from all over the world. What can be better than meeting new faces in an environment of joy, good vibes and dance?

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