Ozora, the Best Psytrance Festival Ever – Part 2

Ozora, the Best Psytrance Festival Ever
Ozora, the Best Psytrance Festival Ever

Every year the Ozora Festival happens between the dates of July 29th and August 4th. As time goes by with each event, each year it takes place, Ozora remains to the date (as the best festival) and keeps becoming the most important psychedelic and trance festival in the world.

Who could have ever imagined that since 1999, only by gathering for a total solar eclipse, this festival would come to evolve into the amazing experience that it is nowadays?

Artists invited to Ozora Festivals in the past

With six musical stages, Ozora is one of the most immersive festivals in the world, and these stages are only part of this huge show. The experience itself intends to be therapeutic, as it has many sets for every person to be as they wish. In this opportunity for 2019, some of the musical artists to be presented will be Raja Ram (one of the most famous in the Ozora Festival and also main collaborator), Ace Ventura, Burn in Noise and more than 20 for Goa/Psytrance.

Ozora Festivals
Ozora Festivals

Ozora turns up the heat

Goa, Chillout or Down Tempo are not the only genres that you can dance in the Ozora. As the energy flows and people get more excited, the level also rises in the sounds they will listen. During the next upcoming event starting in July, some artists for Trance, like Asterix, Animato and Sumiruna, Hardcore and Hardstyle, like Quest, Mc Static and for Progressive House/EDM, as DJ Ball and Dr. Space, are just a few of the ones that will show up. There is still a big number of other artists for Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trap, House, Deep House and many other kinds of electronic for different kinds of settings.

Freedom for everyone

The Ozora Festival continues to attract the international audience that loves psychedelic music in all its varieties, also, offers a unique experience of a week of music and artistic content in the heart of the magnificent nature of Hungary. Is an international happiness meeting and befits a world-class music festival, Ozora contains a lot of styles (and many different musical sub styles), as seen above, to please each of their assistants.

Does Trance rule in Ozora?

Maybe, as it is the most prominent genre, but unlike other major festivals, Ozora events always present a wide line that exposes the audience to additional flows, such as Progressive Trance, Psychedelic, Ambient, Psy Chill and live performances of bands that play special tribal music. Nobody stays awake more than 24 hours, so, have fun by taking a rest eventually. The music will not stop for almost a week and there is going to be noise for all.

Children allowed

The event allows only people over 18 years old to go into the main attraction. Of course, some cultural perspectives may lead to some questionings about the specific allowance of children in the festival, however, they can enter as long as they are with a person responsible of them. In all of the cases, kids go in company of their parents, or legal guardians. Ozora is an event with a lot of freedom to enjoy, but it is also for people with sense of responsibility.

What to carry in your bag if you’re going to Ozora

Everyone must bring their own proper tent, a refrigerator, sleeping bags and pillows. Blankets and towels are mandatory, as well as bathing equipment. Comfortable clothes are very important, because temperatures in the night can go down to 12. Do not forget buckets to carry water, you will need it in certain moments. Keep in mind that you will be there to have fun and forget about all the current problems you might be passing though, or just celebrating for some reason by yourself or in company of your family, friends of emotional partner. Now that you have all the information you need to go to the Ozora, lift up from your chair and find a way to buy your tickets. Happiness awaits.

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