Greatest Remixes of All Times

Remixes are actually meant to better the original songs either to effect needed changes to right the wrongs of the main music or to achieve a wider media reception. Remixes differ from each other in various dimensions depending on the changes effected. Most remixes eventually surpass the main song in terms of worldwide acceptance and commercial success, topping the charts for a large number of weeks while others don’t. So, what actually makes the difference? What particular trait gives the Despacito Justin Bieber remix over 4 billion social media views that are lacking in the Lil Wayne mirror remix? Below are a few great remixes which cut across various genres, styles and eras.

Song: Everything But The Girl

Album: “Missing”

Producer: (Todd Terry Remix)

Year: 1994

Best Equipment for an Aspiring DJ

It might interest you to know that there are no academic requirements to be a DJ nevertheless it comes with certain virtues which you must possess to be able to achieve success as a DJ. Flair for music, tenacity, perseverance and undying enthusiasm are amongst others the most important requisites for an aspiring DJ. Similarly, the Equipment used by a rookie DJ to make music is as indispensable as the aforementioned requirements.

The Equipment used by a DJ determines the quality of music he or she makes. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the higher the quality of the equipment the better the sound it produces and of course the worse the DJ becomes. This implies that to become successful as a DJ you must have in-depth knowledge about this equipment which goes without saying that the DJ is as good as his equipment. That being said, which equipment would best suit the status of an upcoming Disc Jockey? we have taken time to list some of them below.

7 Top Rated Disc Jockeys of 2017

We all know them, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Hardwell and Martin Garrix – the same names springs to mind when disc jockeys are mentioned owing to their outstanding performances on the wheels of steel leading of course to concert sell-outs, certified platinum record sales and fat bank accounts. We want to try something different from the conventional ways of finding out the most famous DJs, so without much argument, with the number of online look-ups and respective fame on social media, we give the top 7 rated Disc Jockeys.


Thirty years after bursting into the limelight, Tijs Michiel Verwest now merges his longstanding style with an appealing flair for pop that has kept his fan base stronger with an influx of newbies. Picking up an impressive $22m in 2014, Tiesto was top of the Forbes list for highest earning DJs.