The Phenomenon of Burning Man

This festival could be called one of the most controversial events as there are so many rumors about it. Most people have been heard something about the Burning Man festival and they know it is some kind of event held in the middle of nowhere attended by many celebrities and everyone is getting nuts there. Even though people are mostly talking negative things about this festival, it is incredibly popular and can truly be called a phenomenon. What is the key idea of this festival and why tickets cost up to 1,500USD?

Burning Man
Burning Man

Brief Outline

The festival of Burning Man is the annual summer event of music and art. It is held in the desert of Nevada, the USA, and organized by a non-profit organization called the Burning Man Project. The title of Burning Man comes from the symbolic burning of a large wooden sculpture that is the highlight of this event every year. In total, the event lasts for nine days and attracts more than 70,000 attendees. People are encouraged to participate in many different alternative art activities and workshops, create and wear their own costumes or crazy outfits, and get wild while partying and dancing in many concerts.

Burning Man Project
Burning Man Project

This festival is a great place for many different artists as they have a stage to create experimental and interactive sculptures, perform their alternative music or dances, as well as, prepare exceptional performances for a massive audience. The festival has been started in 1986 as an underground and bohemian event for a small community of free spirit artists but in a few years, it was developed into a massive, elite event with the same bohemian atmosphere. The event finally has reached such a huge scale, that the organizers start to call it a community instead of using the term ‘festival’.

The free spirit can be felt anywhere. There is no strict schedule of concerts or activities, so people are just wandering around many camps on foot, bicycles, and scooters, cook together, dance, drink, make art, or just partying. Every year, a few marriages are held here also. One of the key ideas is to make this event free of money changes, so you can participate in workshops and activities for free. However, the costs of tickets start from 425USD and more. There are additional fees for cars, parking, using or renting a bike, and camp fees. You might spend extra money for costumes, food, drinks, or some extra equipment that would be needed for you, as a result, the average expenses for those nine days might be around a few thousand dollars. The good thing is that kids under 12 years old can come for free together with their parents.

Key Ideas

Every year there is a new and unique theme, but some ideas remain the same. As the organizers claim, the main values of this event are community, artwork, absurdity, decommodification, and revelry. There is no place for discrimination, violence, or bullying because everyone is welcome. People can feel free to express themselves, join the wild parties, and perform their art in any format, but everyone must respect the environment.

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