What’s EDM And Why Does It Stalk Electronic Music? – Pt. 2

For many people, EDM represents an opportunity, a profitable business in which they want to join. For that reason, it is not surprising that characters from Pop Rose’s own scene are now emerging as new Djing heroes. Porn movie stars like Nacho Vidal, pink press divas like Paris Hilton or motorsports racers like Fonsi Nieto or Jaime Alguersuari have already made their first steps in the cabin.

But nobody embraced EDM as enthusiastically and successfully during its climax as did the K-pop industry. While American pop stars usually softened the excess of dance music in their crossover hits, the K-pop band 2NE1 did the opposite by pushing the sound to maximum extremes. And The fifth highest paid DJ in the world, Steve Aoki, focuses his show on a couple of critical moments that have little or nothing to do with his musical proposal. We refer to the climaxes that suppose, on one hand, the launch of cake to the public, and on the other, the famous stage diving, which confers an unprofessional tone to his performance.

Latin American EDM

Having Spanish as a mother tongue has given Latin American singers millions of reasons to communicate in daily life. In electronic music, there are DJs and/or Spanish-speaking producers who have put on high the name of the scene of their countries.

However, in an industry where it is rare to hear a song in their language, it is sometimes difficult to launch songs that have great success without having vocals in English, so many of these artists use emerging English-speaking singers to perform with them. Of course, the Hispanic American roots have been present in the genre Latin American people enjoy so much courtesy of the greatest idols of the scene in search of monopolizing a large consumer market that idolizes them. With these examples, we can see that just like the salsa, merengue, bachata and more that drive fans crazy, the Latin sound has a place that grows more and more in the EDM scene.

And yes, we know of the existence of hundreds of successful Latin American DJs, however, the objective of this is to show you that it is possible to listen to EDM in Spanish courtesy of the best American and European DJs with Latin vocals, adding more to the EDM itself.

Final Words

The EDM is, therefore, a phenomenon that has come to stay; a tendency and a business format for many that put in check the most hermetic pillars of traditional electronic music. It is a current that can come to embarrass the most purists of the genre, but whether you like it or not has an increasingly growing public, and over the course of the years has cemented its place.

We close these articles by asking again the questions that remain in the air: does the EDM pose a threat to electronic music? Is the EDM distorting a musical style already consecrated? Is EDM a musical genre in itself?

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