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Electronic music has become very popular in the last years and the DJs producing it have become international superstars. Many people listen to their music on the Internet but the dream every fan has is to see the DJ perform live. There are many options in order to see your favourite DJ live. We have listed some of the best music events in the world and some separate festivals where new rising talents can be seen perform.

The most obvious place to see a DJ perform is the night club. You have to pay attention to the club’s event posters and you will find many shows suitable for your taste. Many of them have a specific theme and the DJ will perform a specific type of music. Remember: not all DJs perform only their music. They can come with popular song, remixes and mashups. Also, they can also adapt to the club. Some clubs are known for rap music, other for electronic. Pay attention to these details when you choose where to spend your Saturday night.

Another great place to see DJs perform is a festival. Many people think that festivals are only for rock or country music. Not anymore. DJs realized that their growing fan base wants to see them perform live and this is how electronic music festivals were born. There are countless festivals all over the world, mainly during summer time. The DJ that will come to this festival depends on the size of the festival. Large festivals like Coachella get the world-renowned DJs while smaller festivals will probably get indie ones. Either way, it is a fun way to see DJs perform. At each festival there are multiple scenes where DJs perform in the same time, so it can be quite a difficult decision to choose where to go. The price of these festivals differs on their size and the artists that come. Also, take into consideration the location of this festival when you buy your tickets. You might want to check if there are any rooms available if you want to stay in a hotel. Otherwise, the festivals always offer a camping spot if you want to stay in a tent during the festival.

Concerts are one of the best ways to see your favourite DJs perform. Like any other artists, DJs go on tours too and their tickets are often sold out months before the actual concert. Thanks to the alert rhythm of the music, visual effects are something that comes almost natural along lyrics. Many fans said that a live concert was extraordinary thanks to the atmosphere and effects. Many people said that they booked the ticket for the next year’s concert right after the concert that they saw. Being on larger stages and having the whole technical crew only for them, DJs like to wow during their show and they often get into the public and sign autographs after the concert. It is a very nice way to see your favourite DJ perform.

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